The print run cometh…

Busy editing the book for the printed format which should see the light of day in May.

Newly expanded with exclusive photo’s and contributions from Electro Hippies and more. ALL KINDLE PURCHASES will be offered the updated version FREE OF CHARGE when it is finalised, so no one loses out !

30 years of the same old shit….

The biggest influence on my writing style was Boff Whalley’s superb ‘Footnote’.

It’s not only brilliantly and warmly written. It looks perfect. It’s exactly the right size, feel, weight and smell. Even the typesetting is superlative. Go Bracketpress!

It provided me with a reference book to run to in times of doubt.

They always did a good job, the Chumbas, I know there’s been a mini-backlash… but they’ve always walked the walk and put their money where their mouths are. Plus, they live in Leeds, which is lovely and in Yorkshire 😉



“Hey Metalion, like the pipe?”

Jon ‘Metalion’ Kristiansen is an old friend of the label. I left his story out of the first draft of the book, as there was nowhere that it sat comfortably. I might revisit that for a future revision. His mighty tome, published by the remarkable Bazillion Points, is a must have.


It features his Peaceville label interview and a rare shot of Hammy in Ipswich.


He also recounts his visit to the office / flat in Howard Street, Batley Carr – where he came to stay and was treated to a hash session on the house bong. Good on him, he took it like a Brit (Norwegians not being exposed to much dope). This lead to the cryptic matrix message on ‘Soulside Journey’ which was mastered just after his trip.