It really is the final countdown!

Well, it’s here – but sadly we can’t let you have it yet. Due to our last minute South American book tour we’ve had to postpone the European release until JANUARY.

Sorry, but we didn’t want to risk the mail orders hitting the Xmas rush and not be here to chase up any issues, so we’re playing boringly safe. On the other hand – we’re going to Colombia & Mexico! Limited signed and numbered editions available directly (at a special launch price). Pre-order buy button pending! Hasta pronto.


Book Burning!

The first copy of the first print run will be ceremonially burned on the island with Jura on November 5th 2017.

It will be filmed by Hempo and posted here in due course.

Get ready for the Limited Edition buy button.

In the meantime:

Here’s the Electro Hippies – new stars of the new version – in ’86 with Jeff Walker in an early necroticism attempt & Richard D. Aphex Twin (top right) – a huge fan.

Electro Hippies Liverpool 86(

Xmas 2017

Yup, I’m late with the print version. Due to Huddersfield Town AFC being promoted to the Premiership against all odds and the ensuing period of delerium, it has been hard to settle down in a chair for too long.

Fear not, the final draft is under way and the release date is now the 5th of November 2017. In good time for both Xmas and bonfire night.

And remember, remember, DO NOT use copies of the book to re-create Guy Fawkes’s near miss.

Notice what happens to Yorkshiremen who make the foolish journey to the capital:

Guy Fawkes York