Contributors’ Lives

Arguably Holland’s top band The Gathering are mentioned on the cover of the book, even though they only appeared on one compilation during our tenure. Why? Because we pursued them several times with an eye to signing them and were eluded on each occasion. We LOVED the band and they were always, in our eyes, a Peaceville act. Here is their wonderful drummer Hans Rutten sporting some classy literature. Dank u Hans!

Hans Rutten with book

Foreworders’ Lives

This clean and serene chap is none other than Ian Glasper. As well as providing one of the forewords for the book, he is also an accomplished author, bassist and guardian of many of the UK underground scenes. Here he is with one of the first copies of the ‘Extended Edition‘ which is literally flying out right now – and destined to go back out of stock before very long. Shop Now. Also, there is a new review here!

Ian with Hammy's book July 18.jpg



This is the end.

This is Stefan van Mierlo from Holland, wearing a legendary Dynamo 1993 shirt. We were there too – Trouble, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, buckets of skunk. Does it get better? This is the FINAL ENTRY for the first edition photo comp. The winner will be announced next week, on the launch day of the new print edition. Plus, a new photo comp is starting for the ‘Extended Edition’ which ships this week. Git ready folks!

The Kindle edition free update (via settings) is also being distributed at the end of the week. There is a price increase due (the new version is an expensively and professionally formatted/fully re-edited eBook), but you can buy it now at the reduced rate and get the free update anyway. Might be wise… it’s a cracking rework of a modern day classic!

Stefan van Mierlo with Book