Readers’ Lives

Mille Kirstine Nielsen with Book

Mille Kirstine Nielsen sends us this stylish entry. (Nice to see a bit of Danegeld returning home…) He imparts: “Shipping has resumed for the pre-ordered Hardbacks. All have now been dispatched. There are still a few copies remaining for purchase. The 2019 version is leaving for the printers in the next couple of weeks and will be shipping from January.”

Photo Comp Now Closed!

Kate Lang with book

Kate Lang can’t wait to get her teeth into this! She also wants to inform you that the Extended Edition photo competiition is now officially closed. We’ll be featuring the remaining entries over the coming few weeks, culminating with the winner and announcement of the prize! And guess what? Everyone wins in some way…more soon.

There is also another new in-depth interview with author Hammy here.

The party never ends… the game begins again.

Foreworders’ Lives


Best-selling author and housewife JOEL McIVER certainly looks a little frantic. He’s here to tell you that the paperback has now completely sold out! We’re printing more – but they won’t arrive until January. They will look a little different – but none of the text has changed. You can reserve yours now at the Shop.

There are still a handful of hardbacks left, but not for long…

Instigators’ Lives

Tab with book

Woah! It’s Simon ‘Tab’ Elsey from Dewsbury, UK. One time bassist for the Instigators (The original and best ones). No more Splasher’s Amarillo Sherry and Spesh for this man. No siree. It’s all literature and red wine these days. Tab has an important message to impart: the online shop at has closed for our forthcoming Euro book tour and will reopen in November to recommence shipping the few remaining signed copies. You can, however, reserve your copy now to be shipped later. You were warned…

Contributors’ Lives

Danny Lilker with book small

Rock royalty alert! Yes, it’s none other than Danny Lilker (Anthrax, SOD, Nuclear Assault, Extra Hot Sauce, Brutal Truth etc.). Danny has sent this special message from New York: He wants to inform you that due to an upcoming book promo tour of Europe, the online shop at will be closed for all of September and October. Re-opening again in November, if there is any stock left. If you still haven’t got it. Better get it now!

Authors Life


We are super proud to announce that Hammy has been awarded an endorsement deal by Crater Vapes – to use their portable dry herb vaping machines exclusively. This is no simple cash for favours junket, no sir. Hammy has pounded Crater’s products since discovering the Crater Deluxe three years ago. It was a game changer. When the Crater 420 was introduced (left), he switched to that unit and has never looked back. There’s always one on charge somewhere in the house. They’re work horses (and tbh, they need to be). Then came the Crater 420 mini (right). A damn sexy beast of a mini portable vape. All sleek and curvy. We hope this, like the other Premier League products in our life, continues for many a year. Get healthy and get a Crater – or 3!