New Brexit pricing!


Stefan is here to tell you about our new Brexit pricing structure! Seeing as the UK is destined to become a fourth world nation shortly we have decided to lower prices across the board so that we can stock up on rice and lentils while the nation descends into ruin and misery. Still, we got what we voted for and honouring a vote based on lies and hatred is far more important than the well being of 60+ million people. Apparently. God, I hate the Tories!


Jeroen Pede with book Cuba

Congratulations to Jeroen Pede from Belgium, winner of the ‘Extended Edition’ photo competition. Jeroen takes us right back to where we started – the fascinating and wildly beautiful island of Cuba. (Playa Chiron, near the Bay Of Pigs, west of Cienfuegos to be exact).

His prize is to be featured in the forthcoming paperback reprint. As an added bonus we have also included a collage of every entry into the competition (the only difference between this edition and the last). It’s been great fun, but it’s now time to let you get on with your life. Thanks for being a part of this epic project. Happy holidays if you get them, happy life if not……hasta luego!

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