“Hey Metalion, like the pipe?”

Jon ‘Metalion’ Kristiansen is an old friend of the label. I left his story out of the first draft of the book, as there was nowhere that it sat comfortably. I might revisit that for a future revision. His mighty tome, published by the remarkable Bazillion Points, is a must have.


It features his Peaceville label interview and a rare shot of Hammy in Ipswich.


He also recounts his visit to the office / flat in Howard Street, Batley Carr – where he came to stay and was treated to a hash session on the house bong. Good on him, he took it like a Brit (Norwegians not being exposed to much dope). This lead to the cryptic matrix message on ‘Soulside Journey’ which was mastered just after his trip.

Author: peacevillelife

The site of the book 'Peaceville Life' by label founder Hammy.

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